New look for new goals – redesign of the Leoff brand

The Leoff Group sets off for new shores – by expanding its
areas of expertise and with a new image.

The property sector is undoubtedly facing major challenges. This makes it all the more important to position ourselves as a confident and forward-thinking partner. But how can the balancing act between continuous brand management and contemporary adaptation be achieved?

With the redesign of our brand, we are creating a symbiosis of continuous brand management and contemporary adaptation – an evolutionary development that establishes the company as a reliable and innovative partner in the property sector. Subtle adjustments, such as changing the colour of the logo and changing the corporate typeface, transport the appearance into a new era.

Our website was also optimised in terms of user experience and structural coherence as part of the redesign, emphasising our exclusive consulting services and expertise and underlining our claim to get the best out of every property for our clients and partners.

In print media, our brand value is emphasised through the use of high-quality printing processes and materials.

Overall, the comprehensive rebranding reflects our commitment to quality and progressiveness, takes it into the future and emphasises our professionalism and uniqueness.

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